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Decorative clay plate with flowers (GAST 15)

Decorative clay plate with flowers (GAST 15)

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Hand-made and painted decorative clay plate in red-yellow tones with flowers. Edges slightly raised / artistically asymmetrical. Diameter ~27 cm (GAST 15)

The author of this work is Yevgenius, who works in the day center of the association "Gaismas stars" (a support group for persons with mental health disorders). Yevgeny says: "I like doing ceramics the most. I like making plates the best. I like the feeling that people choose my works. I believe that work should be taken seriously, not in a hurry. I like drawing animals the most. I practice a lot at home, make sketches. I also make butter knives out of wood. It also requires a lot of concentration and skill. A lot of hand work, you have to work precisely."

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