Purchases can also be sent to foreign countries

(1) Shipping costs are covered by the buyer.

(2) Shipment costs are calculated according to:

according to the delivery method chosen by the buyer.

To find out the exact weight of the desired product/s together with the packaging or package size, please write to tiptip.latvija@gmail.com and we will definitely be able to find an appropriate solution!

The ABCs of foreign purchases:

  1. select the product/products you wish to purchase;
  2. send the application to tiptip.latvija@gmail.com, specifying:
    1. desired product/products;
    2. delivery method and country.

We will send you back the weight and size information of the product/s along with the packaging and will contact each other if any further clarifications are required.

  1. make a transfer to the tiptip.lv current account, indicating the purchased product/s, the type of delivery and the amount of costs for delivery. And soon you will receive case(s) created by special people and with it the joy of their support!

Thank you for choosing to support Latvian seniors and people with special needs!

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