Collection: Ms. Mara's knitted socks

Ms. Mara's 50 years of work were devoted to caring for others - she was a nurse in a hospital. The smile and sincerity that can be seen when talking to the lady, who is now over 80, confirms that the choice of profession was correct, because a caress and a kind word also heal. Ms. Mara turned to knitting during her working life, when there were night shifts and some freer evenings. If you used to like to knit bigger works - jackets and sweaters, now small shapes are closer to your heart - socks for bigger ones, so there is a choice of colors and socks for smaller ones with patterns, balls and other nuances. Adot likes to improvise, rarely sticking to patterns drawn in books, because color and pattern combinations, like flowers in your garden, are what inspire, excite and bring joy.