Collection: Liga's wax candles

Liga is 47 years old, but she hasn't been able to see for the last 8 years of her life. Before that, the woman worked with children and various needlework was a hobby, but candle winding did not go well. Now that the vision is gone, the candles turn out flat and burn with a calm flame. During the changes, it was the most difficult to learn to ask for help, and now the biggest challenge is to walk down the street, because potholes tend to be everywhere, intersections are difficult to recognize and cross, drivers tend to be intolerant.

Liga is proud that last year the candles she made were also brought to Sweden, we wish them to travel even further this year!

If you want to order a larger quantity of candles, please contact The execution of the order takes place slowly, Liga makes candles only when she is in a good mood, in order to wrap good thoughts and wishes in them.