Collection: Indra's woven Lielvarde belts and bookmarks

In home economics lessons, Indra told the teacher that she can give Indra a low grade but that she would not knit - and she didn't! But at home, her mother's sister and godmother wove and the beautiful and hand-made things became close to Indra's heart - confectionery, floristry, machine sewing, weaving. In general, life has been tough - Indra lost her daughter when she was 25 years old, her son has lymphoma, Indra herself has had 5 surgeries in the last 3 years and a fire in her house, but Indra says that life is beautiful - you just have to live it! Lielvarde belt weaving is responsible - 33 work threads (the number must be odd and divisible by 3). The author herself does not create the patterns, they have a huge power, that's why they are taken from ancient books.