Collection: Ms. Dzintra's handicrafts

There are meetings after which there is a particularly high feeling - such was the meeting with Ms. Dzintra in Riga. A few years ago I survived cancer, recently Covid in a very severe form, several fractures and parallel to everything, heart failure, but... If only each of us had such energy and kindness as Dzintra! "I can't live without a ball and I really like to create big works!" says Ms. and this is confirmed by the wide range of knitted and crocheted masterpieces - from socks and mittens to scarves, chair covers and blankets.
Many years were spent in the loom, many in the Kurzeme district board. Having been present at the founding of important parties and organized the renovation of an apartment building. An amazing lady who has led a very active life and currently continues to do as much as her strength and health allow!