Collection: The joint collection by the Association "Gaismas stars"

The authors of these works are people who work in the day center of the association "Gaismas stars" ("A Ray of Light" - a support group for people with mental health disorders) and who did not create their own individual collections. For example, Yevgeny is one of the authors and he says: "Most of all I like to deal with
ceramics. I like cooking the dishes best. I like the feeling of people choosing my works. I believe that work should be taken seriously, not rushed. I like to draw animals the most. I practice a lot at home, prepare sketches. I also make wooden butter knives. It also requires a lot of concentration and skill. A lot of work with hands, you have to work precisely." Vita, on the other hand, says: "I have been assigned a group II disability for life. I have been sewing toys for more than 15 years. Mostly hedgehogs. My hedgehogs have traveled to many countries around the world. Sewing is an opportunity to spend time creatively. I'm used to working, it's hard to sit at home, but sewing time passes quickly. What I do brings me joy. When I come to the association, I am among people, I feel useful." Such and similar stories are shared by every day center visitor.